The Scottish government sends all its newborns a gift. It’s a “baby box” that converts into a real bed. Packed inside, the new parents will find an assortment of essentials: clothing, diapers, books, a mattress, sheets and changing mats. Now, by summer of 2017, the wee one will also receive a poem. It was written by Scotland’s Poet Laureate, Jackie Kay, known in her country as a makar. “Scotland’s Baby Box is a strong signal of our determination that every child, regardless of their circumstances, should get the best start in life,” said Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

WELCOME WEE ONE, by Jackie Kay

O ma darlin wee one
At last you are here in the wurld
And wi’ aa your wisdom
Your een bricht as the stars,
You’ve filled this hoose with licht,
Yer trusty wee haun, your globe o’ a heid,
My cherished yin, my hert’s ain!
O my darlin wee one
The hale wurld welcomes ye:
The mune glowes; the hearth wairms.
Let your life hae luck, health, charm,
Ye are my bonny blessed bairn,
My small miraculous gift.
I never kent luve like this.

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