I wrote Letters From Berlin, never really thinking much about what would happen once it was published. Then it won the Colorado Book Awards and I’ve been speaking on the subject for the past five years. I received my master’s degree in Creative Writing at Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2013 and hope to have my second book out soon. I guess I can actually call myself an author now.

I am a German immigrant who grew up in Minnesota where it wasn’t that unusual not to speak English until I started school. All my early childhood friends were just like me—immigrants—and we all spoke the language of our parents—German. I now live in Boulder, Colorado where I love everything about it, like skiing, hiking, river rafting…oh, and the food. I should put a smiley face here, but that’s probably not so okay on a website.

I read a lot. I watch Indie films—my favs are listed under “My Favorite Things.” I like my camera. I like to catch things on film like dogs smiling or people deep in conversation, a lonely sheet flapping on a clothesline. I live in the mountains and cut firewood for heat and watch blue jays chase humming birds. I dance salsa and spend as much time in Asia as I can. I have two children and three grandchildren. And I write, often.

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