“… I closed my eyes expecting to dissolve into stars or lava or a brutal sequoia when the famous writer appeared and leaned down over me. Lifting my head he put his lips on mine and breathed into my mouth one word and then another, and another, words upon words then numbers, then notes. I swallowed it all while my mind filled with language, measure, music, knowledge…” – TONI MORRISON


Winner of the 2013 Colorado Book Awards, Letters From Berlin is the stunning memoir of a girl coming of age in Hitler’s Germany, her subsequent imprisonment in the Russian Gulag, and her posthumously discovered love letters to a mysterious soldier on the front—written during the final siege of Berlin. Available for purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Boulder Book Store.

Colorado Book Awards

Colorado Book Awards is an annual program sponsored by Colorado Humanities that celebrates the accomplishments of Colorado’s outstanding authors, editors, illustrators and photographers. Kerstin Lieff is honored to be a 2013 winner of the Colorado Book Awards for Biography for her work in “Letters From Berlin.”


Kerstin is happy to speak at your book club or book store. If she is not in your geographic area, she can be available via Skype. Please contact her at her email address to set up a speaking engagement.

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